Our Purpose

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Realizing a sustainable, low-carbon future requires looking beyond our core business as a renewable energy company.

It demands a holistic approach that embeds sustainability into every facet of our operations and decision-making.

Since day one, Apex Clean Energy has had a singular focus: we develop, finance, build, own, and operate renewable energy facilities, helping our partners—spanning the utility, corporate, health care, education, and government sectors—reduce their emissions. As a values-driven company, we have always strived to develop projects that go above and beyond, prioritizing responsible siting, ecological conservation, and community engagement.

Now, we are redoubling our efforts to minimize our environmental impact, foster a diverse and purpose-driven workforce, and ensure ethical, transparent governance. We will set ambitious goals, informed by our comprehensive 2022 materiality assessment. We will invest in the systems and expertise needed to drive data-based decisions. And we will hold ourselves accountable to all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Framework

Apex’s approach to sustainability centers on three pillars: Our Planet, Our People, and Our Practice.

This framework is one of continuous improvement—evolving, adapting, and pushing boundaries

to further the transition to a better, more sustainable future.

ur Planet


Our Practi

Targets and Objectives

Ongoing: Accelerate the Shift

Ongoing: Maximize the Benefits of the

Conservation Grant Program

2024: Refine Scope 3 Emissions Data

and Set Reduction Target

2025: Energize First Carbon-Neutral Project

2026: Set Water Stewardship Goal

2030: Adopt Circular-Economy Approach

2030: Achieve Net Zero for Our Operations

2030: Implement Nature-Positive Approach

Targets and Objectives

Ongoing: Achieve Zero “Hurt” Rate and

Zero Severe Injury and Fatality (SIF) Rate

Ongoing: Maximize the Benefits of the

Community Grant Program

Ongoing: Uphold Our Top-Tier Employee

Engagement Approach

2026: Strengthen Our Representation

2030: Develop the Future Clean Energy Workforce

Targets and Objectives

Ongoing: Uphold Consistent and Ethical Conduct

2027: Implement Supply Chain Due

Diligence Program

2030: Establish Resiliency Framework

Across Business Operations

2023 Goals


Achieve a

net-zero headquarters

Conduct a baseline

GHG inventory



Secure greater control over our supply chain


Collaborate with industry partners to effect positive change


Improve our ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives while forging new pathways in the standards of representation and education


Demonstrate our commitment to business ethics, focusing on our corporate policies, transparency in our business operations, and diligence in our compliance training

Our industry has the long-term runway to transform

U.S. systems and meet our nation’s need for low-cost, reliable, emission-free energy, and to do so in a way that is both equitable and inclusive—enhancing local economies and ensuring that no one is left behind.


Through origination, development, construction, and operation of utility-scale wind, solar, and storage facilities, distributed energy resources, and green fuel technologies, Apex is expanding the renewable frontier across North America.

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